ChartCaddy is a system to enter, maintain, and report on the various forms that your outpatient health organization depends on. It is easy to use, economical, has more useful features, and is more customizable than any system you have used before. For more information videos are available as well as an online slideshow overview.

Easy To Use

ChartCaddy is just a website, which means the system can be used with any device that can browse the web. There is never any software to install or update, and you know you are always using the latest version. In addition the system is "document centric", which means the system was designed to mimic using paper forms. The system was also designed to be as simple and consistant as possible.


Pricing is based on the number of claims generated, whether or not submitted electronically, as well as other submissions to payers. Other submissions to payers may consist of claim inquiries, instant eligibility verifications, and batch eligibility verifications. Text reminders and digital client signatures are an additional cost. Digital client signatures with custom forms require an account with Foxit Esign with API support enabled. There are no other costs except for optional customization at a rate of $40 per hour.


In order to make keeping up with market and customer demands as quick and easy as possible ChartCaddy was designed and built to be extremely flexible. In addition to numerous organization level configuration options, some examples of customizations are:

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a third party website that provides robust, HIPAA compliant scheduling, with many features, at a reasonable cost, and with good customer support. Changes to client chart items in ChartCaddy are instantly reflected on Acuity and visa versa. In addition client information, client payments, and blocked off times are synchornized.


Another key advantage to using ChartCaddy is the tight integration with a billing clearinghouse. In order to bill a claim all an administrator has to do is change the status of a billable chart item to Final. Depending on the client and organization settings, a claim is then automatically generated and uploaded to Medicaid, Medicare, TriCare, Blue Cross, United Health, or over 2000 other payers. If an electronic remittance is set up for that payer then the status of the claim is automatically updated. Support for new clearinghouses are added when requested.

Online And Offline Forms

One of the features that most sets ChartCaddy apart from the competition is the ability to customize forms to better suit your organization. In addition the workflow of the system can be adjusted to better fit how your organization works. Client chart forms can be downloaded as a PDF, filled out, and then the information can be submitted by clicking a button in the PDF. A single electronic form can be at most 12 pages.

HIPAA Compliance

Unless you own and operate a server that is physically located on your premises then your vendor must be HIPAA compliant. One of the requirements of HIPAA is that audits are performed regularly to attest compliance. Therefore a certified auditor regularly attests in writing that ChartCaddy is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA also says that anybody is entitled to see those attestations, so if your vendor says they do not need them, do not have them, or can not produce them for the last 6 years, then they can not legally say that they are HIPAA compliant.


ChartCaddy is a service provided by Nontrivial Solutions which has been helping customers since 2012. Nontrivial Solutions is owned and managed by James Bearden and has been working with outpatient health organizations in Oklahoma since 2000.