Less Expensive

Less Expensive

NO hardware to buy or maintain. NO mandatory start up costs. Cost based on optional customization and monthly usage.

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Supports most computers, tablets, and smart phones. Works with any modern web browser. Designed to be simple and intuitive.

More Features

More Features

Provider payroll and scheduling support. Client payment and invoice management. Upload and view files online. Secure messaging.



Bill and obtain results for over 2000 payers. Instant eligibility results. Multiple clearinghouses supported. Diversify and increase your revenue.



ChartCaddy was designed to be flexible to keep up with market and customer demands. Forms and workflow can be customized. New features added regularly.

Online Forms


Supports all forms online such as assessments, encounters, and referrals. Most forms can be used offline and be made publicly accessible. Digitized client signatures available.

ChartCaddy is a system to enter, maintain, and report on the various forms that your outpatient based health organization depends on. One of the major features of the system is that it is highly customizable per organization in regards to both the content as well as the workflow of the forms. Another major feature is that billing information is pulled from completed forms and is automatically submitted to over 2000 payers. It is a low cost, web based system that has many features that are unavailable in most other systems.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about ChartCaddy please do not hesitate to contact us. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST, except for nationally recognized holidays. Email may also be answered outside of normal support hours.

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